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Evaluation of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L. var. Karon dar Kavir) Stress Tolerance to Cl/SO4 Anionic Ratio of Irrigation Water (83091 Views)
The Role of Electrocoagulation and Complementary Flocculation in Reducing the COD of Wastewater Detergents for Irrigation Use (82523 Views)
Clay Mineralogy of Gypsiferous Soil Developed on Different Landforms in the Eastern Part of Isfahan (76428 Views)
Genesis and Micromorphology of Saline and Gypsiferous Aridisols on Different Geomorphic Surfaces in Nough Area, Rafsanjan (69169 Views)
Calcification of Soils in a Toposequence Under Semi-arid Conditions of Kermanshah, Iran (68048 Views)
Activity of Cellulolytic Enzymes Immobilized on Some Organic and Inorganic Matter of Soil (60766 Views)
Estimation of Field Capacity and Permanent Wilting Point from Some Soil Physical and Chemical Properties (56895 Views)
Effects of Feeding Ground Wheat Grain on Health and Performance of Dairy Cows in Peripartum Period (56637 Views)
Purification and Partial Characterization of Polygalacturonase From Virulent Isolate Of Ascochyta rabiei (IK06): Causal Agent of Ascochyta Blight in Chickpea (55636 Views)
Inventorying and Mapping of Natural Forest Stands of Zanjan Province Using Landsat ETM+ Image Data (54417 Views)
Evaluation of Sediment Trap Efficiency in Small Dam Reservoirs (52936 Views)
Bioclimatic Classification of Chahar-Mahal & Bakhtiari Province Using Multivariate Statistical Methods (52839 Views)
The Effect of NH4/NO3 Ratio on Growth and Yield of Some Different Strawberry Cultivars (Fragaria xananassa Duch.) (51349 Views)
Effect of Garbage Leachate on Yield and Chemical Composition of Corn and the Effect of Leachate Residual on Soil Characteristics (49753 Views)
Effect of Application of Compost and Vermicompost Enriched with Chemical Fertilizer and Manure on Some Biological Indicators of Soil Quality of Basil (Ocimum basilicum) Rhizosphere (48985 Views)
Effect of Acetone in Controlling Stored Pest insects (48599 Views)
Evaluating Variability of Important Agronomic Traits and Drought Tolerant Criteria in Sunflower Cultivars (48525 Views)
Tillage and Tractor Effects on Bulk Density, Cone Index and Structural Stability of a Sandy Loam Soil (48117 Views)
Replacement of Corn with Millet and the Effect of Animal Fat (Tallow) in Laying Hens' Diet (47213 Views)
Impacts of Converting Rangelands to Cultivated Land on Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils in West and Southwest of Isfahan (47185 Views)
Geomorphological Characteristics of Claypan and Their Impacts on Land Degradation Using GIS Techniques. A Case Study: Rodasht Area (Esfahan-Iran) (46756 Views)
The Effect of Plant Density on Yield and Production of Essential Oil of Peppermint ( Mentha piperita L.). (46385 Views)
Mechanical Properties of Concrete Canal Lining Containing Rice Husk Ash in Sulfate Environments (46122 Views)
Effect of Sugar Plant Effluent on Shoot Solute Percentage, Yield and Yield Components of Two Wheat Cultivars (46110 Views)
Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Iranian and Exotic Tall Fescue Germplasm (45976 Views)
Investigation on Possible Compensatory Growth of Arian Broiler Hybrid Chicks by Changing Dietary Nutrients Concentration (45661 Views)
Improving Soybean Water Use Efficiency Using Partial Root Drying (45655 Views)
Effect of Soil Application of Two Organic Matters in Combination with Nitrogen on Growth and Chemical Composition of Lowland Rice (45200 Views)
Effect of Land Use Shifting and Overgrazing on Loss of Selected Soil Phosphorus Forms in Two Regions of Vanak Watershed (45117 Views)
Effect of Organic Matter on Soil Chemical Properties and Corn Yield and Elemental Uptake (44349 Views)
Modeling Phytoremediation of Soils Polluted with Cadmium and Lead (44243 Views)
Determination of Some of Labile C Pools as Soil Quality Index (44004 Views)
Effect of Water Deficit, Ultraviolet Radiation and Carbon Dioxide Enrichment on Leaf Qualitative Characters of Durum Wheat ( Triticum turgidum L.) (43828 Views)
Geologic Sources of Gypsum in Soils of Northwest of Isfahan, Iran (43515 Views)
Comparison of Selection Indices for Yield and Related Traits of Barley under Nitrogen Stress and Non-Stress Conditions (42991 Views)
Effectiveness of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Phytoremediation of Zinc Polluted Soils Using Maize (Zea mays L.) (42722 Views)
Micromorphology of the Loess Derived Soils Affected by Land Use Change: A Case Study in Agh-Su Area (Golestan Province) (42411 Views)
Study and Test of Fitting Natural and Synthetic Unit Hydrographs in Zayandehrud-dam Watershed (Pelasjan Sub-basin) (42320 Views)
Impacts of Test Conditions, Soil Organic Matter, Clay and Calcium Carbonate Contents on Mean Weight Diameter and Tensile Strength of Aggregates of Some Hamedan Soils (42104 Views)
Nitrogen Mineralization Potential in a Calcareous Soil Treated with Two Organic Fertilizer (42074 Views)
Effects of Water Stress and Cycocel as a Growth Retardant on Growth of Two Olive Cultivars (41886 Views)
Effects of Plant Density on Soybean ( Glycine maxL.) and Sorghum ( Sorghum bicolorL.) Intercropping (41818 Views)
Effects of Seedbed Preparation Methods on Compaction and Nutrients Content of Soil and on Establishment of Mungbean after Wheat (41697 Views)
Variation of Seed Storage Protein Electrophoretic Patterns in Mungbean (41697 Views)
Investigation of Phytic Acid Contents of Wheat Flour, Dough and Lavash and Sangak Breads (41443 Views)
Plant Population and Planting Pattern Effects on Yield and Yield Components of Rice ( Oryza Sativa L.) in Isfahan (41317 Views)
Effect of Organic Amendments and Inorganic Nitrogen on Biological and Chemical Degradation of Atrazine in Soil (41191 Views)
Effect of Benzyladenine and Silver Thiosulphate on Physiochemical Characteristics of lilium Cut Flowers (41024 Views)
Effect of Polyacryl Sewage Sludge, Municipal Compost And Cow Manure on Soil Properties and Maize Yield (40897 Views)
Evaluation of Border Irrigation System Efficiencies in Some Fields of Kohgiloyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province (40736 Views)
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