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Evaluating the Rate of Atmospheric Dust Deposition in Different Locations of Kerman City (264234 Downloads)
Estimation of Mean Daily Soil Temperature by Means of Meteorological Data in Some Selected Climates of Iran (16122 Downloads)
Optimization of Traditional Production Process of Rock Candy (14908 Downloads)
Evaluation of α-Amylase, Lipase and Lipoxygenase Activity in Wheat Flour before and after Germination (14734 Downloads)
Determination of Animal Unit Size and Animal Unit Requirement of Fashandy Sheep Breed Grazing on Rangelands (Case Study: Taleghan) (12868 Downloads)
Estimating Soil- Moisture Characteristic Curve Based on Soil Particle Size Distribution Curve and Bulk Density (12772 Downloads)
A Survey of Most Suitable Irrigation Scheduling and Effect of Drought Stress on Yield for Summer Corn (SC.704) with Class A Evaporation Pan in Ahvaz (12590 Downloads)
Application of Time Series Modeling to Investigate Future Climatic Parameters Trend for Water Resources Management Purposes (12377 Downloads)
Application of Multi Temporal Remote Sensing for Precision Farming (12306 Downloads)
Comparison of Support Vector Machine and Neural Network Classification Methods in Land Use Information Extraction through Landsat TM Data (12068 Downloads)
Improving Soybean Water Use Efficiency Using Partial Root Drying (11844 Downloads)
Estimation of Blue Water and Green Water Using SWAT Model in Hamadan-Bahar Watershed (11616 Downloads)
Distribution of Nickel, Manganese and Cadmium in Soil and Crops in the Mobarakeh Steel Plant Region (11512 Downloads)
Identification of Artificial Recharge Sites Using Fuzzy Logic in Shahrekord Basin (11362 Downloads)
An Investigation into Pollution of Selected Heavy Metals of Surface Soils in Hamadan Province Using Pollution Index (11335 Downloads)
Effects of Beet Bulp Substituted for Barley Grain in Ration of Overconditioned Cows at the Late Lactation on Productivity,BCS and Blood Metabolites (11054 Downloads)
Effect of Foliar and Soil Application of Zinc and Copper on Some Quantitative and Qualitative Properties of Pistachio Trees (10549 Downloads)
Evaluating of Efficiency of Three Halophyte Plants for Reduction of Soil Exchangeable Sodium (ESP) and Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb) Contamination (10360 Downloads)
The Effect of Some Soil Characteristics on Range Vegetation Distribution in Central Zagros, Iran (10231 Downloads)
Marketing of Dutch Roses in County of Isfahan (9811 Downloads)
Assessment of Soil Intrinsic Properties Effects on Soil Structural Stability of Some Soils in Hamadan Province (9748 Downloads)
Addition of Tomato Peel and Seed to Tomato Ketchup for Improving Its Nutritional Value and Rheological Properties (9742 Downloads)
Assessment of Food Products and Virtual Water Trade as Related to Available Water Resources in Iran (9637 Downloads)
Analyzing the Relationship Between Dust Storm Occurrence and Climatic Parameters (9480 Downloads)
Regional Flood Frequency Analysis in Zayandeh-Roud Watershed Using the Hybrid Method (9448 Downloads)
The Effect of Water Deficit Stress on Antioxidant Enzymes During Generative Growth Stages in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) (9277 Downloads)
Investigation of Zayandehrud Water Pollution by Diazinon and its Assimilative Capacity (9237 Downloads)
Effects of Super Absorbent Polymer (Igeta) on Crop, Soil Water and Irrigation Interval (9106 Downloads)
Hydraulic Jump in a Triangular Section and Comparison with Rectangular Section (9036 Downloads)
Increasing of Tolerance to Osmotic Stresses in Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum cv. Xanthi through Overexpression of p5cs Gene (9017 Downloads)
Improvement in Intensity-Duration-Frequency Relationships of Rainfall in Iran (9003 Downloads)
Identification of Phytophthora Species Associated with Stone Fruits Crown Rot in Fars Province and Reaction of Certain Rootstock to P. cactorum (8804 Downloads)
Effects of Cadmium on Some Physiological Characteristics of Eucalyptus occidentalis (8616 Downloads)
The Influence of the Caspian Sea SSTs on Winter and Spring Precipitation over Northern and Southwestern Parts of Iran (8562 Downloads)
Accuracy of Interpolation Methods in Estimating the Groundwater Level (Case Study: Farsan- Jooneghan and SefidDasht Aquifers) (8557 Downloads)
Phytoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Sewage Sludge in Isfahan Refinery (8535 Downloads)
Cumulative and Residual Effects of Organic Amendments on Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Concentrations in Soil and Wheat (8273 Downloads)
Impact of Climate Change on Maximum Discharges: Case Study of Aidoghmoush Basin, East Azerbaijan (8170 Downloads)
Investigation of Land Use Changes in Qale Shahrokh Basin Using Remote Sensing (1975 - 2002) (8132 Downloads)
Numerical Analysis of Earth – Rockfill Dams Behavior, During Construction and First Stage Impounding (Case Study: Masjed-e-Soleyman Dam) (8116 Downloads)
Regionalisation of Runoff Coefficient in Hamedan Province Using Geostatistical Methods and GIS (8097 Downloads)
A Comparison between Wheat and Maize Cross and Anther Culture Method for Production of Wheat Haploid Plants (8078 Downloads)
Estimation of Air Temperature Using Temperature-Vegetation Index (TVX) Method (8006 Downloads)
Soil Structural Stability Assessment Using Wet-Sieving Method in Selected Rangeland Sites in Isfahan Province (7997 Downloads)
Development and Evaluation of Global Solar Radiation Models Based on Sunshine Hours and Meteorological Data (7969 Downloads)
Comparison of Artificial Neural Networks and Regression Pedotransfer Functions for Predicting Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in Soils of Khuzestan Province (7917 Downloads)
A Study of Genetic Diversity in Sardari Wheat Ecotypes Using AFLP Markers and Agronomic Traits (7877 Downloads)
Concentration Zoning of Chromium, Cobalt and Nickel in The Soils of Three Sub-Basin of The Hamadan Province Using GIS Technology and the Geostatistics (7778 Downloads)
The Influence of Mycorrhizal Symbiosis on Chlorophyll, Photosyntetise and Water Use Efficiency in Four Almond Genotypes in Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiary (7604 Downloads)
Assessment of SEEP/W Model to Estimate Seepage from Earth Canals (Case Study: Irrigation Network of Downstream Zayandehrud) (7560 Downloads)
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