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Winter 1402 

Application of Graphene and Zeolite Absorbents in Water Desalination
J. Abedi Koupai*, A. Chehre Razi and F. Dadvand
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Assessment of Some of Wind Erosion Control Methods in Desert Areas (Case Study: Kashan Desert)
M. Abtahi* and M. Khosroshahi
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Prediction of Hamoun Wetland Land Cover Changes in Different Scenarios of Wetland Watering Using Markov-Automatic Cells Mehod
M. Salari, V. Rahdari*, S. Maleki and R. Karami
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The Estimation of Land Use Changes under Irrigation Water of Traditional Streams of Khansar City
B. Ebrahimi, M. Pasandi٭ and H. Nilforoushan
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Application of Minimal Data Sets for Quantitative Assessment and Investigation of Spatial Autocorrelation of Soil Quality in Southwestern Lands of Urmia Plain
A. Barikloo, S. Rezapour*, P. Alamdari and R. Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi
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Determining the Thickness of the Filter Layers to Protect the Upstream Sideslope of the Homogeneous Earth Dam Due to Rapid Drawdown Condition with Experimental and Numerical Models
H. Azadbeygi*, M. Najarchi and S. H. Lajevardi
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Water and Energy Productivity for Onion Irrigated with Sprinkler or Surface Irrigation Methods on Several Farms in Esfahan Province
M. Farzamnia*, M. Akbari and M. Heidarisoltanabadi
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Investigating the Effect of Slot Dimensions in Bridge Abutments on the Scour Hole’s Depth
M. Sehat, A. Bordbar*, A. R. Masjedi and M. Heidarnejad
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Evaluation of ERA5 Reanalysis Dataset for Simulation of Climatic Variables and Water Harvesting from Humidity (Case Study: Qazvin Province)
S. Koohi, B. Bahman Abadi, F. Safari, Z. Partovi, M. Khajehvand Sas and H. Ramezani Etedali*
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Assessment of the Desertification Intensity Based on soil, Vegetation, and Wind Erosion Criteria in the Northwest of Yazd
A. S. Hosseini, A. A. Vali*, A. H. Halabian and M. H. Mokhtari
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Climate Change Assessment of Hablehroud Watershed Using Downscaling of CanESM2 General Circulation Model Data
M. Naderi*, V. Sheikh, A. Bahrehmand, C. B. Komaki, A. Ghangermeh
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Evaluation of the Effect of Land Use Change on Runoff Using the Markov Chain in Shiraz Nahre Azam Basin
A. Mahdavi¹*, S. Soltani Kupaei, R. Modares and M. Samiei
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The Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature on the Characteristics of Fodder Beet Biochar
R. Hosseinpour*, H. R. Asgari, H. Nikanhad Qermakher, E. Malekzadeh and M. K. Kianian
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The Effect of Superphosphate Fertilizer Application on the Kinetics of Non-Exchangeable Potassium Release in Some Calcareous Soils
A. R. Hossienpur, M. Barati Zanyani* and M. H. Salehi
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Seasonal and Spatial Variations of Magnetic Susceptibility of Street Dust in Several Cities of Isfahan Province and
their Relationship with the Concentration of Selected Heavy Metals

B. Akbari and H. Khademi*
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Numerical Modeling of the Flow Separation Zone over Dunes under the Impact of Sediment Injection
M. R. Taghizadeh, A. Motamedi*, M. Galoie1 and F. Kilanehei
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Laboratory Investigation of the Effect of Wall Slope on the Discharge Coefficient of Trapezoidal Arced Labyrinth Weirs
M. Majedi-Asl*, T. Omidpour Alavian and M. Kouhdaragh
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Locating of Watershed Management Operations with MCDM Approach and AHP and ANP Methods (case study: Saqezchi-Chay Watershed in Ardabil Province)
R. Dabiri*, H. Abghari, and A. Ghorbani
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